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Question about hexui's update
05-Aug-16, 22:08
So when I was still in the customer group I've heard that updates incoming for faceit and maybe ESEA. Well, did anything happen? Also, if you guys will update the cheat for faceit and ESEA, can you make it at least EAC proof instead of ESEA? It's way more useful than ESEA in my opinion.

05-Aug-16, 22:19
We haven't done anything to do with faceit/esea support. We'll look at faceit first and then consider esea.
06-Aug-16, 00:42
IMHO, ESEA would take more time and money than its worth. Like, it literally always runs from start up, modifies the windows registry, has unlimited admin access to your computer, has kernel access. Unlimited RAM access. Its basically a rootkit waiting to happen. Fuck ESEA. But on another note, it would be pretty cool to be the first cheat to ACTUALLY be 100% ESEA safe.
06-Aug-16, 02:57 (This post was last modified: 06-Aug-16 02:57 by masonxita.)
ring0 suport?

support for all anti-cheaters?
06-Aug-16, 05:36
Ring0 isn't the amazing thing that most people think it is. VAC has made big improvements against many of the old methods. And holy shit, the compatibility issues, blue screens of death, patch guards, you name it. This cheat is doing quite fine without Ring0. The middleman process method works great.
06-Aug-16, 22:52
hey new to this site. would i get banned by vacif im using this for reg MM
07-Aug-16, 01:15
No. What do you suppose every user of this site uses it for? That's what it is for. Standard matchmaking. Is it possible to get banned? Yes. But we haven't had a ban in over a year.

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