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3 day review im defianlty renewing
12-Aug-16, 00:18
so I've been playing csgo for many years on and off hacking I've tried almost every cheat but never really felt perfect unlike this one.

first of all Aimbot: its super legit if you use the other users settings and rarely get called out for hacking and don't believe overwatch would even realise

Trigger: only use for pistols but works aswell as others ive tried

Sound esp: this feature is both amazing and annoying it gives you a almost legit esp or more like radar but can be quite annoying for hearing game com etc

RCS: pretty standard a lot of control on how much you can control recoil yourself easy to configure

Cloud settings!!: wow what a amazing thing gone have the days that you have to copy between csgo and a thread of settings manually all done online now and ready to try out the many fantastic community settings Big Grin

Support: haven't had much contact help wise but mods seem active and friendly and the overall user of the community are fantastic

overall highly recommend and I will be renewing soon !
12-Aug-16, 00:19
Appreciate the feedback Smile Hope we see you back soon.
12-Aug-16, 12:09
Thanks man Smile

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