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13-Aug-16, 00:40
Hey all,
If you want a legit strong cheat, then there is no other provider then hexui. In general its amazing and would recommend any day over any other p2c.

Cloud Settings are perfect love how you can import others settings in a matter of second and way better then an ingame interface since it feels less buggy imo.

Very nice triggerbot but misses few shots once in a while.

AIMBOT: 10/10
Love the aimbot since it looks legit and being able to customize each gun is great.

RCS: 9/10
Is pretty well but rcs irritates me when i burst since it feels sorta fishy but other then that its dope.

Sound ESP: 10/10
Amazing piece of software

Thanks staff and mena for creating this gooooooood cheat
13-Aug-16, 01:36
Thanks for the awesome review SeemsGood

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