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Overall Review!
16-Aug-16, 15:10
Hello, I've seen Menalix on other websites. So when CSGO cheats came to mind, I came here. Let me give you my opinion on the hacks.

First of all, there is no GUI, which I am fine with. Everything is done by cloud, which is actually very cool, in my opinion. The hacks that I mainly use are Aimbot and Sound ESP. Nothing else. I only play under 5 FOV and 30+ Smoothness for every weapon. I turned off RCS as it would be too obvious on overwatch. With my "legit settings", I have never been called out for hacks.

Great aimbot, works great and looks legit, if used with the right settings.

Sound ESP:
Gives you awareness, without the walls. Which is great for legit use.

Overall, if you are looking for a great hack, just for legit purposes, then Hexui is great for that.
16-Aug-16, 15:45
Thanks for the review sir
21-Aug-16, 14:32
Thanks brother Big Grin

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