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Paying with CS:GO keys
17-Aug-16, 17:19
Is it posibble to pay with cs:go keys for 30 day sub?
17-Aug-16, 17:20
No it's not
17-Aug-16, 17:27
Oh Sad I saw before someone was paying i think so i hoped its possibble now too..
18-Aug-16, 07:12
Yes sorry but since then they did the whole tos thing and we don't want to sit wiith a bunch of keys that drop in price out of nowhere
18-Aug-16, 14:55
Okay,thanks for answer,I will try to sell my skins,bcs I have bunch of skins like 500$ so that's why I wanted to pay with them Big Grin I hope I will success selling them and join the community.

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