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Updated cheat (14/7-2024) showthread.php?tid=21095
19-Aug-16, 15:49
Does the cheat work on faceit?

19-Aug-16, 16:35
yes but I would recommend using very certain settings or simply waiting for our update to make it completely ud again
19-Aug-16, 21:23
what u will recommend to play on faceit?
i just bought the cheat today, i was wondering if with just aimbot key ( with a FoV = 2 // recoil = 0 ) it will be ok? or still risky?

20-Aug-16, 01:16
Playing on Faceit with any settings right now is very risky, as it's unsure which settings will work and which won't, I would recommend waiting for the new hexui update where Faceit will be UD before playing on Faceit at all.

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