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hexui cs go cheats
20-Aug-16, 01:51
Hello guys,
I want to buy the cs:go cheat but i have a question:

.Does the cheat is undetectable in privacy league like ESEA, ESL, FACEIT..etc

.If it's detectable by a platform which one?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english ! Smile
20-Aug-16, 01:54
Currently we are not fully UD in any of those leagues, however Hexui plans to release an update soon which will allow us to be Faceit UD.

As for ESL and ESEA UD, no Pay to cheats are ESEA UD as their anti cheat is a lot more sophisticated than any other.

ESL may become UD in the future however it is not confirmed or planned by the Administrators..
20-Aug-16, 01:57 (This post was last modified: 20-Aug-16 02:01 by 333.)
So if i play with the cheat in ESEA or ESL i will get ban ? (i want to use only triggerbot and soundESP)

And a last question:

The cheat is UD for Matchmaking only so?
20-Aug-16, 02:02
In ESEA you will almost definitely get a ban, it's not safe to use there.

In ESL it's untested, we aren't sure if we are UD in ESL, however we do not recommend using Hexui since we do not support it.
20-Aug-16, 02:03
Thank you for yours answers !
20-Aug-16, 02:21
No problem.

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