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Can a new account be traced back to the original?
26-Aug-16, 23:44
Hello. Very interesting cheat, I just have one doubt before making the purchase.

If I create a new account but pay with the same Paypal email as some other account, if this new account is banned, can my original account be banned too?

26-Aug-16, 23:46
Steam account? No valve doesn't do that.
26-Aug-16, 23:46
Nope, Valve only ban people if the phone number links to a banned account, however if you want to be safe you can always make a new PayPal email and just transfer money since it doesn't take too long to make one.
27-Aug-16, 16:44
Great. One last question, if I want to keep a legit account and a hacking account, I just have to remove the cheat files and I'll be good to go?
27-Aug-16, 17:08
Just don't have the cheat open when you're on the legit acc and you'll be fine.

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