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27-Aug-16, 13:44
I really want to buy your cheat , I saw him playing with my friend - but hell looks like a top player!
The bottom line , hvid changes automatically or manually each time ? Once in the club , I was asked to sit down for another PC and I was left without a cheat .
27-Aug-16, 14:17
HWID is free and you can change it yourself when ever you want.
27-Aug-16, 14:18
Oh) my bad English.
Manually or auto change?!)
Big thx)
27-Aug-16, 14:50 (This post was last modified: 27-Aug-16 14:50 by jLOL.)
You can do it yourself manually. Just press a link and its done.
27-Aug-16, 23:46
You do it yourself and it instantly does it which means it's automatic Smile

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