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01-Sep-16, 00:57 (This post was last modified: 01-Sep-16 01:06 by Mr_Hexx.)
Hi there my paypal is not working till I get my card was robbed, can I give you guys a skin for assurance when I can make a transfer ? or if you guys accept an EFT that I still can do.

01-Sep-16, 01:20
01-Sep-16, 01:21
Electron Funds Transfer to ur bank
01-Sep-16, 01:31
You can just upload to paypal through bank in advance, and pay with your paypal balance, and no we wont do ETF
01-Sep-16, 02:44
But I use my card to pay on paypal casue I dont have an American Bank account and now its gone until 15 of september 2016 and I cant EFT to paypal saddly
01-Sep-16, 02:48
idk if I'm allowed to, but you could transfer to me and I could pay for you via PayPal but idk if that's allowed or if you would trust me.
02-Sep-16, 01:29
Its fine gonna ask one of personal friends xD thx for offer.

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