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need good info
05-Sep-16, 10:20
Okay so basically i'm looking for good hack that can be use on lan / events but my question is do you guys provide silent aim / aim assistant that the bot dont shoot itself just help when i'm shooting? and what leagues is legit can oi play MM on it etc?
how about faceit? Do you provide like 1h demo or so for tests?
05-Sep-16, 14:16 (This post was last modified: 05-Sep-16 14:17 by vivid.)
What AntiCheats are Hexui Undetected or Detected on? [/i][/b]
so yes = detected or undetected its confusing me ...

And when im buying bot do you provide legit config or i need to set it up by myself ? I Just wanna soft aim type of settings ;P
05-Sep-16, 14:51
yes = ud
no = not working/detected

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