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Will i get banned hexui?
07-Sep-16, 22:36
You guys know problaly somthing about a (BadUSB) inside your mouse? If you take the cheat inside your mouse in a BadUSB, Can you make it impossible for detections from CEVO, faceit and ESL and a lot of more anticheats. Will i get banned from hexui for doing that?
07-Sep-16, 22:39

are both HEXUI Safe, ESL is not.
Right settings and you are good to go.
07-Sep-16, 22:47
(07-Sep-16 22:39)KimmzD Wrote:  FaceIT

are both HEXUI Safe, ESL is not.
Right settings and you are good to go.

Dude i said, built your USB inside your mouse. And it Will be very hard to detect cuz the cheat run in a place even NOT ESEA knows
08-Sep-16, 00:36
If you are asking if Hexui will ban you for doing this, no. I'm sure they will allow you to use your subscription however you would like. stated above, I doubt even putting the cheat inside a mouse will avoid any detection such as ESL.
08-Sep-16, 00:58
Just because the cheat is located inside a storage inside the mouse, does not mean client sided anti cheats wont pick it up.

They scan kernal and memory.
Meaning they would detect the cheat anyway, regardless if they could find where it was being executed from (Which they can btw)
09-Sep-16, 07:59
But how do you do that tho? The cheat inside the storage of the mouse? 1st time I've heard about that makes me interested on this.
09-Sep-16, 08:06
Most mices have build-in storage for profiles and such. Just need access to it Smile
09-Sep-16, 18:14
Funny post Big Grin Anti cheats Scan for running applications and memory dumps, USN Journal information etc. Hiding the exe will not avoid anything.

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