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i just bouGHT hexui
08-Sep-16, 05:06
I bout the subscription about 5 hours ago and I still cant download or use anything on here can someone help?
08-Sep-16, 05:18
Hey dude, I suggest moving this to the correct section @
08-Sep-16, 07:02
(08-Sep-16 05:18)KimmzD Wrote:  Hey dude, I suggest moving this to the correct section @

This link is broken...But he doesn't have access to any other sub forums yet because his account hasn't been activated.

It can take some time to activate your membership, so just sit tight until an admin can get on and upgrade your account, then you will be good to go! Smile
08-Sep-16, 07:10
no it's not @whatcheats, I actually think I forgot to give premium access .

We are already talking there @KimmzD thanks for guiding him there, so I'll close this thread now.

updated permissions now @whatcheats

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