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7 months HexUI usage
11-Sep-16, 17:00
My time has come. So, my subscription ended today after 7 months of using HexUI. First of all I want to say that HexUI changed my gaming experience and somehow even helped me getting better. We all know cheating gives you an unfair advantage but we still cheat and for legit purposes HexUI is the best cheat provider you can find on the interwebz (Tongue).

If you get used to the Cloud Settings panel and read the features documentation the cheat is easy to handle and will boost your experience to a new level.
I started around at MG2 and now I just deranked from Global to Supreme after 3 days of not using HexUI anymore. Right now I am able to fight against supremes on a pretty decent level so I guess I can say that HexUI made me better, even after my subscription ended.

All in all I want to rate the cheat a decent 9/10 because currently some features are not working smooth on FaceIT (Sound ESP and triggerbot - while the sound esp was my favourite feature of the whole cheat)

Thanks for reading that shit and a nice day!
11-Sep-16, 19:08
Thanks for the great review homie.
16-Sep-16, 13:07
I can say the same.

I've been a semi "STAR" player in the swedish scene, played for BIG orginisastion in the early CSGO times but after my retirement I felt like I was lost in my gaming. So I tried aimware, got my smurf banned fast though I only had legit settings there.

And I surfed around and found HEXUI, never had a better LEGIT cheat so far. Good job guys, keep it up.

Sorry for my bad english I dropped off school at an early age

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