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Hack Is UD ? Trial 0.20€ daily ?
14-Sep-16, 13:48
Is the Hack UD?
And can i try it out ? trial version ?
14-Sep-16, 13:55
Yes it is, there's no 0.2€ trial, the website says the cheapest sub you can get costs 0.2€ per day but you need to pay the 21.95€ upfront (3 months)
14-Sep-16, 14:25
As Division said above me, it's undetected and it's really good. I've bought the 3 day sub now 3 times I'd be better of just buying the month's one but I don't really play it as much and the last time i bought it I got hit with downtime and my sub ran out before the 3 days got added on Sad.

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