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2 awesome months with Hexui
30-Sep-16, 03:47 (This post was last modified: 30-Sep-16 04:51 by Marcus.)
Hey all here is my review after 2 months of using hex.

Aimbot: The aimbot is 9.5/10. You can set it up to look super legit or really blatant/strong. Rarely misses and havent had any issues with it.

Triggerbot: 8/10. Sometimes it shoots a bit to early and misses but the triggerbot is really strong. I use it mostly for pistols and tapping and its really accurate when you set it up correctly.

Rcs: 10/10 It's really good and make you spray like a proffesional player Tongue

Community/Staff: 9/10 Majority of people is very nice and so is the staff (ofc there are some trolls like in all communitys).

Sound Esp: 10/10 Really awesome feature and it actually gives you more game sense instead of just looking to the walls for information. You dont know if he's under you or above you or behind the left door or the right door you just know hes close.

Security: 9.9/10 Hexui was undetected for 17 months straight which is really really good. Sadly we got hit the other day and most of the standard customers got vac banned (i luckily didn't). But all cheats get detected sooner or later.

Overall: 9.5/10 By far the best cheat ive used for legit purposes(ive tried a handful of cheats). Never been called out ever for cheating (only on my smurf against noobs Tongue). Dont hesitate to buy this cheat its really awesome.

Thanks for me. Wink
30-Sep-16, 04:42
Thanks for the review Big Grin
30-Sep-16, 09:07
Thx Marcus
30-Sep-16, 15:06
thanks for the review mate.

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