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My oppinion after 1-2 month use
30-Sep-16, 14:56
This is my oppinion on the best lan cheat out there Wink

Aimbot 10/10

Aimbot is really one of the best ones i have ever used
and for legit play it really is awesome and very customizable.

Community 100/10

Really i couldn't be more happy with a community.
I have never seen such a friendly community in my
history of being a customer on other cheat sites too.

Sound Esp 10/10

It's a very usefull and original idea. This is the first time
seeing this on any cheat and im very amazed by it because
you can track your enemies well and still look very legit.
Very good job.

Detection 10/10

Best farely cheap cheat that has this good undetection.
Even though we got detected recently i am still very positive
about the detection and i somehow didnt get hit by vac Smile

Overall 10/10

I know it looks kind of cheesy when all my points are 10/10
but i am more than happy with this cheat.
I really think this cheat is the best for me because of the
friendly community. Right now i am
trying to help this awesome community out with Problems and
issues with the hope of someday maybe getting the offer of
buying Premium Smile
30-Sep-16, 14:58
thanks for the review

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