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Months of use - Hexui review
30-Sep-16, 19:22
Hey guys. I've been a customer of Hexui for many months now (I think 4) and I have to say for my first p2c this was exceptional and has set the bar super high. I don't think I could have asked for a better service from Menalix and all the moderators.

Ok so let's get down to it. How good is Hexui?
The short answer, very very good. This product enhanced my play from a LE level to GE within 2.5 months.

Is it perfect?
Well... gotta be honest no it is not perfect. Everything has its issues but here were my issues with hexui personally.

1. Pistols: my pistols felt relatively weak. This goes for all of the 1 tap weapons/semi autos/tapping rifles. But this is unfortunately how legit cheats work. Still though, fantastic.

2. Multi-config/multi-settings: I would have love to see multi configs implemented sooner although I understand Mena does have a life outside of this. And for multi-settings I would mean the ability to have multiple keys bound to the same thing. For example, I have my aimbot set to mouse 1. This is awful for pistols/1 tapping people. Would have loved the ability to have a second key set to the same thing (helps with the versatility of the cheat).

My personal rating: 9.5/10
This is so close to perfect it is unbelievable. Besides the problems I pointed out above I found nothing else wrong with Hexui. No one, besides the person who introduced me to hexui, knew I was cheating. It looks so natural. (so if your RCS looks weird on your screen, don't worry it looks fine on others)

If the problems above were fixed I think this would go to a 9.9/10. Only reason it wouldn't be a 10 is because of a vac wave. I know no cheat is impervious to VAC and Menalix did a damn good job hiding us for this long. Keep it up.

Should you buy this? YES!
YES YES YES! Buy it and never look back to your legit life. CS:GO will be a completely new game to you when you're dominating everyone (please try to play legit though).

Thanks to all the Hexui staff for creating and supporting this product. Also the community for being surprisingly friendly. When I got into cheating I thought it would be angry russians everywhere but no, friendly normal people willing to help their fellow cheaters.

Here is to another undetected spree boys. Let's try for even longer Wink
30-Sep-16, 20:24
thanks for the review

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