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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
Review of Hexui
01-Oct-16, 10:49
I owe a great amount of thanks to Menalix. Without hexui i couldn't have afford a 144hz monitor and a brand new pc. Basically because of the price money's.
This cheat has won me 13 LANs since i first sub'd last year. I think March 2015, on a different account but i made a new one sing i forgot the email and password. lmao
And this was my favorite of all the hacks i used.
*english is not my first language*


It's great. Sometimes buggy but great, +points because of the cloud settings. +points Works when i needed it the most.


Customizable as fuck. makes me look legit all the time.


Well, i would've given it an 8 or 9, it was a mistake from the coder, but i'm not entirely blaming him. I mean, we knew the risk of cheating so yeah. Out of 4 accounts 1 got banned. I dunno if its hexui or Iniuria.

LAN: +points cause you don't have to insert a flashdrive. You can just run it on the local disk. Which is fucking awesome as they won't allow flashdrives.


I only posted 1 thread but some came to help me. It didn't work out but it's still something. Best community ever, although some may need to shut the fuck up.

-2 coz vac Tongue

I would cheat again with this, but i'm gonna have to wait for the premium or exlusive to go on sale. If it ever goes on sale. Smile
01-Oct-16, 11:25
thanks for the review
01-Oct-16, 12:23
Nice review

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