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FIDDEX (If any staff can help)
10-Oct-16, 00:36
Thinking of buying hexui again very soon, and I was wondering if FiddeX was still around a long while ago I bought his lifetime config package for like $35USD and was wondering if he was still around and if he was I could still get hooked up
10-Oct-16, 00:37
He is now an inactive member of the forums, he does check in from time to time. As of right now there is no lifetime option available.
10-Oct-16, 18:08
I would just like to let you know, Buying configs from others is now against the ToS Tongue Don't fall for that!

We have also ditched our settings.ini, we use Cloud Based Settings.

I'm not sure about this FiddeX guy, I only know a FiddeM; but as SkeeeTz says, maybe he checks in time to time.
10-Oct-16, 18:45 (This post was last modified: 10-Oct-16 18:45 by jLOL.)
Nope he doesnt do settings anymore. And since you can just import anyones settings pretty stupid to pay for em
10-Oct-16, 19:16
He is retired/inactive and we no longer use .ini settings.

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