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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
Considering moving to Hexui.
10-Oct-16, 20:18
I have been using Unity/IWebz for the last 3 or so months, And im sick of all the vacs, Just want a solid legit cheat.
Can anyone give me some reasons as to why i should move to you guys Smile
10-Oct-16, 20:34

Plus, you really won't know if you like it till you try it. So feel free to purchase a 3 day, and see if it is WORTH it to you. Smile
10-Oct-16, 20:51
Not gona waste 5$ for 3 days Wink when i can pay an xtra $5 and get a month. Wink
Was just asking for a general overview of it, is the legit aimbot actually decent?
10-Oct-16, 20:58 (This post was last modified: 10-Oct-16 20:59 by jLOL.)
Why would you buy this cheat?

The aimbot is fully customizable. You can go from strong to legit which no one can even spot. We got good anticheat undetection faceit , cevo etc. Triggerbot is really fantastic for pistols etc. And sound esp which makes it really legit much better than visuals. And the rcs been working really good. settings are really easy to do.
I used Unity I enjoyed the psilent a lot but I still prefer hexui over unity.

They are just great support gets answered really fast by admin/mods or community members
I've been using this cheat for 1.5 years soon and been happy. You can check reviews aswell. Hope to see you in forums

10-Oct-16, 21:08
Thanks, pretty much what i was looking for Smile
Community doesn't seem cancer like Iwebz, Unity e.t.c Big Grin

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