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Cheat Comparison
14-Oct-16, 00:54
Sorry if I am not allowed to do this I am just coming from another cheat and was looking for some more information. I used LXSecurity for 2 years and am looking for a new cheat. Anything I should know about Hexui?
14-Oct-16, 14:48
ezfrag > hexui
if u know what i mean
14-Oct-16, 14:54
Well Hexui is a very legit cheat in terms of our features, recently we have had some problems with VAC but they should be all ironed out now as we have rolled back to a previous version of the cheat, if you would like to read more about our features and how they are legit and fully customisable you can do so by reading the customer reviews. I personally have never used LXSecurity so I don't know what it's like so I cannot give a comparison.

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