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Next sale
19-Oct-16, 08:04
When will be the next sale? Haloween?
19-Oct-16, 08:34
If you mean premium membership sale, it's at a random time.

If you mean sale for the standard builds, probably never since we are already a lot cheaper than most popular p2c out there.
19-Oct-16, 10:29
What does premium membership contains?
19-Oct-16, 11:55

1 year sub
Different build from standard (more secure/less users)
Access to vip forum section
Access to early features
19-Oct-16, 12:01
Price will be random?
19-Oct-16, 12:07
(19-Oct-16 12:01)PredatorRO Wrote:  Price will be random?

Last time it was 70 euro.

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