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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Hexui Review
20-Oct-16, 12:57
Yo, ive seen and used many cheats, Hexui got to be the best, i can say this out of experience with other cheats, also i think the security is very strong i give it a 10/10 because here in Hexui atleast people know what they are doing. i dont even have to care about how many matches i play.

Besides that the cloud system is just brilliant 10/10.

The community 10/10. The people make the community Wink

Instructions/support 10/10. Very easy to follow.

Usage 10/10. Very easy to use and understand.

Security regarding VAC bans and Overwatch, depends on what hexui settings your using, so choose settings that fit your playstyle. 10/10.(note: It takes time to learn how to play with each weapon with a setting)

Prices/payment, when i came to the prices page i got an heart attack, these prices are amazing, i would BUY LIFETIME if it was here, shame it isn't. tho when i paid i had everything in 1 second and support from the admin. 10/10.

Features 10/10 All you need and always room for more and new suggestions.

Looking for Legit play or Raging ? Both are possible Big Grin
22-Oct-16, 21:58
Thank you for the review!

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