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Live Help At Purchase
21-Oct-16, 14:04 (This post was last modified: 21-Oct-16 14:06 by Hamsteroidz.)
I have an issue and would like to talk to a Staff Member for this.

*Private and Live*
21-Oct-16, 15:10
post here what u need ?
21-Oct-16, 15:21
I was wondering if I could pay with my bank account since I do not have a random reader on me (Needed for paypal transactions). But I got out my lazy bed and I'm omw to the bank to to it there. (What a man must do to get cheats lmao) So sorry for wasting time with this post.. Im buying it in like 45 minutes..
Thanks for responding.
21-Oct-16, 16:12
Welcome to hexui mate Smile Glad you got it sorted out

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