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Hexui Review
27-Oct-16, 20:34
I bought Hexui, at first I thought I wasted money and that I'm an idiot, now after 3 days I feel like I found a playstyle sometimes I don't even notice the cheat is on and I still do well! this thing helped me improve real quick and helped me find my playstyle in just under 3 days!
The Aimbot is so amazing it's the best thing for people with "not good" aim.
Triggerbot makes it just easier, it's like a 0 MS reaction time get ready to called Hiko JR after using this!
Bunnyhop makes me feel like LOLYOU1337 or FaZe Hoppin it looks LEGIT in demos and I would not be afraid to bunnyhop an entire game to victory!
Security- What is that? you could get VAC errors? really? as a person who used skin changers I got a lot more VAC erros from skin changers. 0 VAC Errors VAC bans Overwatch bans or anyone suspecting me of hacking
Community- It's amazing they're always fast to reply and help.
Payment- got ranked the moment I paid got an automatic message which helped me start out
Overall rate 10/10 Just perfect I was actually scared at first from seeing these reviews.
If you have money to spend and you're searching for a SAFE quality cheat you came to the right place 22 Euros every 3 months is WORTH this I hope I manage to get more money when these 3 months end to buy this for another 3 months
*cough* make a half year/yearly plan please *cough*
28-Oct-16, 00:08
there use to be a 6 month plan, shame menalix removed it tbh
Anyway very nice review Smile
28-Oct-16, 12:16
Hi kimmz chinese

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