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Hexui Review
09-Nov-16, 08:09
Hello dear Hexui team and legit players.
I will show my review of Hexui, you can add a comment, if you not agree with me, or just correcting Angel

  1. Aimbot 10/10
    - How i see it's the best aimbot i've ever used for now, and i hope it will be the best in the future. The smooth settings are good, exactly how it is explained in topics.
  2. Triggerbot 10/9
    - Sometimes im using it mostly with AWP - Scout, if you want to use trigger with rifles, i recommend to look for a good settings, because the default will blow your mind.
  3. RCS (Recoil Control System) 10/10
    - The Recoil is overpowered. I can't say bad words on it.
  4. SoundESP 10/10
    - The SoundESP is the extra function, what is absolutely good against wallhack. Its true you will not know where is the enemy exactly, but you will be more legit, and not following trough the walls, what is the 90% problem, when someone is OW'ed.
  5. Cloud Configuration 10/10
    - Easy, simple to configure your settings.
  6. Detection 10/10
    - Not detected yet, and if you are smart, you will be not banned. Don't worry, ban wave will not catch you Smile
  7. Compatibility 10/10
    - Absolutely good, not crashing, and working on x86 and x64 perfectly.

Thanks for the Hexui Team, made this code.
09-Nov-16, 18:08
Thanks for the great review <3
11-Nov-16, 05:31
How long has this stay undetected?
11-Nov-16, 08:47 (This post was last modified: 11-Nov-16 08:48 by stixx.)
(11-Nov-16 05:31)Glace Wrote:  How long has this stay undetected?

Its UD for me from 11 days, before i've used for 1 month played 20 days, and didnt got any redlabel Angel

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