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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Hexui Obfuscation Framework Updated.
10-Nov-16, 07:47
It has been around 1-2 years since I have actually opened the Visual Studio project of Hexui's obfuscation framework. I have only made minor changes using Reflector.
The problem was, I knew that the obfuscation framework was built in stress back then, so it would be a mess to look at, which was why I have always chosen to push it a little aside for other projects and now almost 2 years have passed.
I finally re-coded it completely.

So why did it have to be updated?
Our distribution of cheats builds are really error filled (the obfuscator framework had no error handling at all...).
Beside that I've to many times now distributed buggy modules, due to not having a beta module, that I could do real-time testing with. Now I finally implemented a beta module, maybe we will open it for customers willing to do beta testing in the future.
This update makes sure Hexui will have much less errors.

Regards: Menalix
10-Nov-16, 10:20
Finally the option for a beta module and less errors are always good Smile
10-Nov-16, 18:38
Pretty dope update looking forward to it
10-Nov-16, 23:13
i can test on beta Smile
11-Nov-16, 19:31
do i get it right that framework means also visuals?
11-Nov-16, 19:32
(11-Nov-16 19:31)xy01337 Wrote:  do i get it right that framework means also visuals?

Not at all. Hexui wont get visuals.
12-Nov-16, 00:04
Legen...wait for it...DARY Smile
12-Nov-16, 14:49
(11-Nov-16 19:31)xy01337 Wrote:  do i get it right that framework means also visuals?

Hexui will never have visuals. Sorry bud
16-Nov-16, 06:08
perfect bcuz i hate visuals i thought framework means visuals Surprised
29-Dec-16, 18:12
nice c+p cheat
29-Dec-16, 18:35
(29-Dec-16 18:12)MYSTERY Wrote:  nice c+p cheat
01-Jan-17, 12:28
Mena I like that you always tell why it didn't work, and what you did to fix it! Smile keep it up! Big Grin

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