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My review as a former-staff
10-Nov-16, 19:03 (This post was last modified: 10-Nov-16 19:04 by xc0de.)
I'd like to start this thread by giving a huge thanks to Division and Menalix for this amazing cheat/community I had an awesome time as a member and as a staff.I can say this without any doubt that this is the best cheating community in the cheating scene as on the others communities you find many trolls and idiots who opens nonsense threads like "rekt" "uff ya" etc.

Everything in this community is clean , everyone will try to help you with your problem.I'd also like to thank the customers for being so kind with each other and always creating funny memes and having a good laugh especially im thanking "Real" for his dank memes.

There are so many members I could mention that a whole page would be filled with their names so I'm thanking everyone in advance.Now let's just continue to the cheat review:

Features are 9/10 (there are some missing features that I'd like to see in the cheat especially the pSilent (in love with it <3)
The aimbot is really powerful and legit looking with a bit of smooth.
Triggerbot is one of the best.
SoundESP is so awesome and gives you that legit look.
And my favorite one is the cloud settings where you can customize the hack as you wish and it's so easy to navigate that even a new customer can do it without a problem.
Also I have to mention that I never got OW banned while using HeXui even when I played blatantly(not rage hacking).

Lastly I'd like to thank the staff team for doing an amazing job and always committed to assist customers and help them fixing their issues, keep up the good work guys.
P.S:Sorry for typos wrote this while being thrilled/shudder
10-Nov-16, 19:26
Hi. Thanks for your review.
10-Nov-16, 20:26
Really sad to see you leaving the Moderator position, but I respect your opinion. I really look up to you in the community, and you have been amazing to all of us.

Thank you for helping the community be an amazing place. It will never be the same without you- and although you are now retired as mod, I really hope you will still assist in keeping the community together.

I really cannot put my appreciation towards you in words. Thank you for everything.

10-Nov-16, 22:12
, Jlolz with the copy pasta answer and Outlassnz still sucking the moderators dicks even after they retired.

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