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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Question before purchase
11-Nov-16, 02:01
Hello everybody,
I come here because I have a few questions.
First what feature passes on faceit?
He support

And if i understand hexui no been detected since 18 months ?

Can load hexui on usb and its more safe ?


Futur customer Tongue
11-Nov-16, 06:16
Not 100% sure but I think aim, RCS and soundESP only work on FACEIT

We do not support challengeme

Yes we have been undetected for 18 months

You can load Hexui on a USB but it is better if you load it from your C Drive.
11-Nov-16, 10:07 (This post was last modified: 11-Nov-16 10:09 by Complekz.)
Working features on Faceit: Aimbot, RCS & sound ESP.
Disabled features: Triggerbot & bhop.

Challengeme is not supported, because it uses EAC.

We were UD for 17-18 months before recently. Where we got detected because of a mistake on our part. This has been fixed and we've already planned big changes Smile

We recommend having the cheat on your desktop. As having it on a USB is more insecure because of the way vac looks for cheats.
11-Nov-16, 12:10
Ok, thanks all.

On the security menalix say : Over 20 different feautures so i need more detailschinese

And hexui have special mode for faceit for exemple or we need to unactive some feature
11-Nov-16, 13:30
Hexui work on game fullscreen?
11-Nov-16, 14:19
Hexui works on all screen types.
Faceit = no triggerbot, no bhop

You can see the full list of features on the product page.
11-Nov-16, 16:09
(11-Nov-16 12:10)censured Wrote:  Ok, thanks all.

On the security menalix say : Over 20 different feautures so i need more detailschinese

it says this right under that "We do not disclose our security in details for security reasons"
12-Nov-16, 23:23
If i purchase with BTC how long will i receive ?
12-Nov-16, 23:38
BTC usually takes a few hours to process

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