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Question about Ban Waves
19-Nov-16, 18:59
Is there anyway to somewhat predict a ban wave coming? I know they happen at random, but will Hexui staff be posting notification and so on if theres a ban wave or something.
19-Nov-16, 19:10 (This post was last modified: 19-Nov-16 19:14 by hapsdog.)
If hexui gets hit, then yes the admins will make a post.

But as you say yourself, noone can predict a banwave, so the way admins find out is when the users report bans, and then its pretty much too late to do anything to avoid it.

VAC likes to delay the bans abit, so when they start banning people , they most likely have detected the cheat a few weeks earlier but wait to ban people to catch as many cheaters as possible in the wave.

I hope the explanation makes sense Smile
19-Nov-16, 19:11
You can't predict ban waves, obviously there will be a notification if a ban wave has happened/is happening, but you can't predict them beforehand

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