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21-Nov-16, 19:51 (This post was last modified: 21-Nov-16 20:02 by MULU.)
HELLO IAM BUY CS GO EXTERNAL HEXUI FOR 30 DAYS..can u pls aktivate my account?



here the screenshot
21-Nov-16, 19:55
Hi. It seems you have a delay for some reason. Make a thread in "payment issues" section give a screenshot of the payment proof. And as soon as admin sees it you will be activated.
21-Nov-16, 20:19
21-Nov-16, 20:31
as JLOLZ said, make a thread here:
21-Nov-16, 20:36
i have ,....When someone comes online from the admin's ?
21-Nov-16, 20:39
No idea, shouldn't be too long though
22-Nov-16, 02:05
I can make sure an admin knows your looking for aid.

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