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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
Some questions
22-Nov-16, 00:37
Hey guys.
Im just curious that cheat is still detected (Cause last ban i got was 12 days ago that was a VAC, wasn't using any CS cheats/tweaks). Also if someone can tell me what changes past last month and what im supposed to do to don't get banned... again.

Thanks, Quleq!
22-Nov-16, 00:58 (This post was last modified: 22-Nov-16 00:59 by jLOL.)
Hey quleqq i remember you !

Anyways cheat is undetected and untrusted issues are fixed. There havent been any big changes but we will have few features added soon for aimbot mostly. You could run a ccleaner and you will be fine.

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