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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
My Experience With Hexui
25-Nov-16, 03:12
It's not long, but over 6 months, i think its enough to give a feedback so the other can decide to buy the cheat or not

Aimbot 8/10
customizable on each weapon, fov, bone, smooth, through the wall or not, sticky or not, even tho sometimes aimbot doesn't get along with RCS and do awkward aim, but still good aimbot for legit play

RCS/RecoilControl 6/10
Help you control the recoil for each weapon, buggy sometimes, not much to say, try it your self

Triggerbot 6/10
not really use it, but had many features, you can change the delay, aftershot, pause. experiment with you own play style. cant be active if the enemy behind the smoke

SoundESP 9/10
unlike the other cheat, hexui only provide soundESP, no wall, radar etc. telling you if enemy is close. nice feature when you get used to it

BHop 7/10
again, rarely use it, since while ago bhop is broken and thought i still do fine without bhop. but if you wanna show off, hexui's bhop quiet good

Community 8/10
didn't see any problem with the community, you can ask anything in there

Security 3/10
the actual reason why im writting this review Big Grin. quit cheating a while ago because hexui has been detected by VAC. i trust hexui to much and my account is the price. i know there is always a risk if you are cheating, what im trying to say is, i have learned my lesson and never cheat again. cs go can still be fun even without cheat you know. so your choice

25-Nov-16, 03:16
well sorry if i shouldn't post here im new soundesp never heard about it but is there also simple esp?
25-Nov-16, 04:11
(25-Nov-16 03:16)maxjon Wrote:  well sorry if i shouldn't post here im new soundesp never heard about it but is there also simple esp?

No, there are no visuals

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