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How much is it legit
01-Dec-16, 05:36
I am actually trying to find the best hack to look legit/not get overwatch ban. I was wondering if it is common to get overwatch ban as a std costumer and if someone would help me with my settings so i could play in leagues and have a strong legit looking hack ?
01-Dec-16, 05:45
this is 100 percent that hack for you with the right settings you can be a beast and look completely legit Smile
01-Dec-16, 05:58
But im not a pro when it comes to settings so where can i find some help ?
01-Dec-16, 08:37
You can make your own (just go to a dm server) or use someones like mine, there is a whole part forum just for settings
01-Dec-16, 16:49
0% chance of getting an overwatch ban if you use the right settings. There are lots of forum posts and a section for help, so it's not too hard.

You will need to take a little bit of time spent making sure your settings are right for you though. Anybody who just imports someone else's settings without changing a single thing is doing it wrong imo.
01-Dec-16, 21:31
oh tank you and i have a question about VAC detection... i saw a lot of review saying that the cheats got them VAC banned so im kind of worried. so what i wanna know is is the cheats safe again//is the problem fix ?
01-Dec-16, 21:36
Yes its safe.
01-Dec-16, 22:10
Even for std ?
01-Dec-16, 22:16
yh ofc lol..
01-Dec-16, 22:16
Ok ahha sorry for my question it jsut that i want the best cheats Tongue
03-Dec-16, 15:21
anybody who says that this cheat has gotten them ow or vac are either liers and used another cheat or didn't use Hexui correctly I promise you this is one of the most secure cheats I have bin blatant many time with trigger and no OW just don't be an idiot an do it every game
Happy Cheating Smile
03-Dec-16, 15:23
Ok cool im gonna buy it this weekend and try to set it up
03-Dec-16, 15:24
if you need any help feel free to message me or any other person for help everyone is super friendly and staff always replies fast
03-Dec-16, 19:45
Ok haha and yeah i have question how much should i set up the smooth aim for, I never used this feature before

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