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Aksu's review!
06-Dec-16, 13:58 (This post was last modified: 06-Dec-16 14:06 by AksuKappa.)
Hello boys and girls if there is any.

So i bought the 3 day trial and now i want to tell you guys how it went.

Aimbot: 6/10. Really good aimbot shoots really quick everything is "legit" but im looking for more legit than this.

Sound esp: 0/10. I dont like this feature at all. Like i said i am looking for legit cheats that means i dont need any wallhacks. Nice idea tho!

Triggerbot: 5/10 Good trigger,but sometimes its not shooting idk why.

Pricing : Should not be 12 euros per month.....

In overall its really good cheat but im happy that i bought only 3 days. Im wishing to you guys merry christmas and stuff! See you around(?)

Ja tinomies sulle semmost et voit ottaa mun kikkelin suuhu tai jotai! =)
06-Dec-16, 14:02
Thank you for a honest review Smile
06-Dec-16, 18:25
ty for the review, but what do you mean with more legit aimbot? its all about the settings bro
06-Dec-16, 20:33
Seems like you didnt know how to make settings Smile.
06-Dec-16, 23:46
12 dollars per month is actually cheap compared to other similar providers.

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