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My review of being a use for a few months!
07-Dec-16, 19:57
I've been using the cheat since September

this is what I think of the cheat:

Aimbot: 9/10. The aimbot is super legit and the best legit cheat I've used and I've been cheating in cs for quite a while now definitely the best option

Bunnyhop: 8.5/10. The bhop was actually really well programmed whenever I wanted to hit a bhop I hit it there should be an option to miss a bhop every so often so it makes it look even more legit!

RCS/Recoil Control 9/10. I think the recoil system is really good especially at long range never really had a problem with the rcs!

SoundESP: 7/10. I actually don't care about this but if you don't have a good sense of hearing it's not good for you but its good for whoever wants to use it!

Triggerbot: 8/10. The trigger is good for the awp I did very well in the games I've played with this but you don't really wanna use trigger for many rifles in my opinion its just bad and sometimes the trigger doesn't recognise for some reason!

Community 10/10. I think there are so many nice people on hexui that will help you to get the right settings for you and sometimes its just great to talk to them for a laugh definitely the best community i've been in!

Pricing: I think that the pricing for hexui is really well priced and is a lot cheaper and secure than other cheat manufactures

Overall I think that hexui is the best "legit" cheat I've ever used but I will change if I think otherwise so if you wanna look legit definitely try out this cheat!
07-Dec-16, 20:00

thanks for your honest review Tongue

Thanks for reading,
07-Dec-16, 20:04
Thanks for the review, I agree with you on pretty much everything
12-Dec-16, 20:50
Hi, about triggerbot I would say that is 10/!0 , it works nice ( Or it used to) And about the security, I dont know actually bot a few months ago was a bit fucked up.
13-Dec-16, 16:38
I enjoyed reading through this, good review Smile
17-Dec-16, 04:52
Quote:there should be an option to miss a bhop every so often so it makes it look even more legit!

What do you think, could be a nice way of doing this?
17-Dec-16, 14:06
Should be an option you could set yourself. Like this: miss the 2nd or third bhop.

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