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How do I make sure I don't get an Untrusted Ban
07-Dec-16, 23:42
Title says it all. I've cheated in the past and have got a few vacs, I heard using the same PayPal to buy csgo gets you an UT ban. Could I just buy a csgo code in like g2a, and if I do will I be able to buy games on that account with a PayPal account I have previously been vacced with?
I've changed my hwid and stuff like that.
08-Dec-16, 00:06
using the same paypal doesn't get you an untrusted ban, nothing should get you an untrusted ban if you're using hexui
08-Dec-16, 00:19
You can use any csgo account. You cant get untrusted at the current state. Hexui is fully undetected.

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