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14-Dec-16, 21:21 (This post was last modified: 14-Dec-16 21:33 by NotGin.)
Hello! I'm a returning subscriber (From 2 years ago actually). I'd like to ask a few questions before I buy this cheat again.

First off, when I purchased the cheat back in the end of 2014, I didn't like the experience. It was complex and buggy, and I couldn't really get it to work properly.

When I bought it, I got hit by a vac ban some time after using the cheat (726 days ago). If I remember correctly, the only cheat I used was Hexui. That overall experience drove me away from the site. But I decided to give you guys another chance, after seeing Menalix activity on UC, and all the interesting .Net stuff he posts. But I have some questions before buying again.

How much, in terms of security, has the cheat evolved (I see you recoded your obfuscation framework, but has it improved in security? What about your anti-leak? Runtime safety measures? Have you got any safe-guards in place in case VAC peeks into your memory space? Do you log VAC packets to disable the cheat if a copy of the cheat gets detected? I wanna know stuff like that)

Is the cheat easy to use? I'm not a get-a-config-and-play guy. I like to fiddle around, test stuff with bots, go on deathmatch, play some casual, repeat until I have the best config for my playstyle. Does the cheat provide me an easy way to do that?

What is the difference between Costumer Premium, Exclusive Premium and Standard Premium?
14-Dec-16, 21:36
The security has improved, and we were undetected for 17 months in a row, and then got detected a couple of months ago. Everything is stable again now.

The cheat is way easier to use than it used to be, we have a cloud settings section with sliders and tickboxes instead of having to edit the settings.txt. You can change your settings ingame by simple changing them on the cloud settings section on the website and pressing the panic key a couple of times ingame to reload it.

The differences between the customer ranks are:
Standard is the basic cheat that you purchase
Premium is a yearly subscription that only occasionally goes on sale, and has added security
Exclusive is a lifetime subscription that is no longer for sale, but you can but it from other users, and has added security.
14-Dec-16, 21:43
A lot of things has changed.

Security: We just got detected a few months ago (was on a 18 month streak of no vac bans) But we've resolved the issues and the cheat is now secure again. We've also added faceit support. Also usb is not required anymore.

Settings: We got cloud settings now. So instead of a settings file on your pc it's all done via our cloud settings panel. You can import other users settings or share yours. It's much easier to make the right settings now in my opinion.

Different Customer Groups: Exclusive wont be sold by hexui anymore. So it's closet for good. Premium is kind a like exclusive. It requires you to apply for premium membership when we're having premium sales (happens randomly) and then me, div or mena will look through the applications. We actually having a premium sale right now. So if you buy standard it will be taken off the price for premium.
14-Dec-16, 21:52
I'm confused as to why Exclusive and Premium have added security. Is it the same cheat with an additional security plugin? Is it a different cheat version? Or just a different build?
14-Dec-16, 21:56
(14-Dec-16 21:52)NotGin Wrote:  I'm confused as to why Exclusive and Premium have added security. Is it the same cheat with an additional security plugin? Is it a different cheat version? Or just a different build?

Extra security methods, different build, and obviously the fact that it's owned by less people means it doesn't get caught in the same waves as standard.

Premium/exclusive haven't been detected in a couple of years
15-Dec-16, 03:30
Premium and exclusive is exactly the same as regular except for the build.

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