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Hexui Private Review
14-Dec-16, 22:58
I've been using Hexui for a bit, and I thought I'll drop a review Smile

Aimbot: 8/10

For a legit aimbot, this is great. My only drawback is that if you're not precisely on the enemy, you're probably not going to get the kill unless you're lucky.

Triggerbot: 7/10

Pretty good, but I wish there were more customization options for stuff like the Zeus. Sometimes it takes a random shot that doesnt really go near the target, but that's not common so overall it's a well-balanced triggerbot.

RCS: 9/10

Pretty good, some weapons spray gets fucked after a little bit but overall good.

SoundESP: 4/10

Good concept, but really inconsistent and doesn't help all that much unless in very particular situations.

BunnyHop: 10/10

Great bhop, no problems at all.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Definately the top % of hacks on the market, and would recommend to any other player looking for legit hacks. A few flaws, but otherwise great.
14-Dec-16, 23:56
Thanks for the review, we're looking into to adding each weapon to be configured mate.
15-Dec-16, 03:35
Hey, thanks for your honest review Smile

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