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My Review After 1 Month
20-Dec-16, 15:17 (This post was last modified: 20-Dec-16 15:18 by maxjon.)
aimbot 10/10
soundesp 10/10

when first time i used this hack i was so disappointed and i thought i just wasted my money but after looking in forum i fond settings then i tried a lot of setting to figure out which one is my taste and after few try's i got my best setting and i become pro in cs go i'm totally in love with this hack in my past matches 98% matches was great and no body called me hacker only in 2% i got myself named a hacker maybe they noob or angry but i'm loving it no VAC no OW it worth the money its very cheap and worlds great cheat in my option

you need few days to learn to control aimbot and then u need time to understand the sound ESP

well done team Hexui, you guys are the best and going to buy this hack again

have a great day pce
20-Dec-16, 15:41
thanks for the review Smile
22-Dec-16, 15:52
thank you! Smile

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