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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
About vac hexui
25-Dec-16, 07:04
15 days ago I bought 3 days and received a vac ban, I wonder if the hex is still happening vacs for users?
25-Dec-16, 07:10
25-Dec-16, 10:42
i get too.. played only faceit but get vacs from matchmaking ? something is wrong.
25-Dec-16, 14:29
Not hexui we havent had any ban reports.
25-Dec-16, 16:16
Lol it's because you are all retards. I have used it 1 month on faceit and no ban. Also used hexui before and never recieved a ban. Hexui is safe
25-Dec-16, 18:36
I'm thinking of buying again, the sound feature esp pleases me a lot, I would not like to receive vac in my account with skins.
26-Dec-16, 04:59 (This post was last modified: 26-Dec-16 04:59 by jonarick.)
as a precaution u should never use cheat on accounts that has precious skins. its a game of cat and mouse so who gets who and when no1 can tel. but at this moment hexui is 110% secure with vac. the changes mena did to the cheat has un undoubtedly increased the security. hence i fully recommend you to buy the cheat

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