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My review after 46 hours of being a pro
28-Dec-16, 05:59 (This post was last modified: 28-Dec-16 06:02 by headlord.)
Well let's start by rating my new gaming chair out of 10,

Aimbot/Aim Assist: 8/10

SoundESP: 8/10

Bunny: 8/10

Cloud settings: 10/10

Triggerbot: 7/10

Price: 9.5/10

Community: 11/10

RCS: If you know how to configure it then 10/10

Overall: Out of a 100 I rate it 97.

Settings I've been using SpecialStos's settings and I'd like to thank him for his settings although I modifed them abit but thank you for these awesome settings.

Aimbot is amazing just super legit especially with the awp I feel so pro.

Triggerbot well it sometimes doesn't work which I mean is good? I guess, just doesn't seem too suspecious unless you're using it wrong just aiming exactly and the wall and pressing the button just waiting for someone to pass by.

SoundESP it's really great helps to know if its b or a, and in the 1v1s really amazing, tight situations helps too.

Bunnyhop Well.. It's great you just need to know how to use it not just jumping everywhere, just do 3 or 2 hops, just dont bunnyhop across the map with a negev.

RCS (Recoil Control System) Really great if you use it for long range, the spray transfer is quite good I like it.

The price is just great for the cheat itself worth buying it.

The community it's really fun and friendly.

Rank without the gaming chair: MGE

Rank with the gaming chair: LE

Now I was being honest and said what I've experienced for the people out there claiming that the cloud sucks well belive me you're retarded, you just need to understand it.

And if anyone knows a good skin changer please hit me up I needa get one I don't wanna buy skins.
28-Dec-16, 13:48
thanks for your review m8.
28-Dec-16, 20:21
That seems like a nice gaming chair you have there.
28-Dec-16, 23:09
(28-Dec-16 20:21)Sxybeast Wrote:  That seems like a nice gaming chair you have there.

Special Edition came with a mouse.
30-Dec-16, 20:39
Nice review! Smile
01-Jan-17, 02:09
Thanks for the review mate. Tongue
04-Jan-17, 06:31
Thank you for the review.. It helps us grow xD

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