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Pre-Purchase Questions
28-Dec-16, 15:08
I have been cheating on different games for years now and the last game I really put effort into was Soldier Front which got shut down.

I had been cheating for years and was very known and I basically got away and still to this day no one knows that I cheated (I won many online tournaments).

I am now looking for another game and another game to cheat on and I recently ran into CSGO. I have read some good reviews about different cheat cites but Hexui seems to stand out the most. So I have a few questions and pardon the wall of text, but as I'll be a long time subscriber if Hexui does me well, I need to convince myself to commit. Also these questions may address other new coming members who have the same ones, so decided why not.

1. I see the recent VAC was in October. Does the coder know what happened and coded extra security into making 99.9% sure it doesn't happen again (obviously there's always a chance).

2. The aimbot, is it human like? I most likely will only use the aimbot. I don't want it to click to players but if my cross hair is near the head it gives me the slightest help, is this what the aimbot does? I don't want one that snaps on if my crosshair is far from there head. Also is there a way to randomize it so I don't always snap to get those headshots. (For example if I aim at chest always shoot and stay at chest level if I keep it there)

3. I see non-verified members were hit with the recent VAC and not verified. Verified members are picked and committed for 1 year. I'd be interested in this if I commit to huxei so my question is do these picks happen often for this group.

4. If I only use aimbot, and run the cheat as it is suppose to run and do not make it blatant at all, should I be safe except if the cheat gets detected.

5. When a cheat gets detected I assume the coder can't do anything to prevent the bans to come from it for those who used it (no heads up to stop using cheat as he sees its detected).

6. When it comes to over watch, does this cheat have anything to bypass or prevent or notify you of an overwatch (did not read anything about it).

Thank you to whoever replies to this. I know it's a lot but I want to commit to one cheat site for CSGO and hexui really has impressed me with the way there forum is set up (pre-buy questions, not many have this) and the disclosing of VAC detections. Solid website, only thing I believe needs a bit more promoting is a long video of every single cheat function and what it does (may be a lot to ask, but as an outsider, this is just my opinion).
28-Dec-16, 15:52 (This post was last modified: 28-Dec-16 15:52 by abbetappe.)
1. The coder accidently changed some code which banned the cheat detected so everyone that used the cheat in that day got banned.

2. Yes you can change smooth and FOV to your liking.

3. Sometimes there are sales for premium group. And exclusive doesnt sell anymore.

4. Yes.

5. What? Everyone who use a cheat that gets detected is banned.

6. No.

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