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My preview after almost half a year here.
04-Jan-17, 20:53 (This post was last modified: 04-Jan-17 21:01 by xg0d.)

After trying multiple cheats that I found on different forums I never really liked anyone of them until I saw Menalix youtube video, about the VAC thing, I really wanted to try hexui out. And I hated it at first cause I didn't understand shit about the cloud settings, took me a while to understand how to configure it all.
If the community wouldn't be as nice as it is I would never of been here today. Everyone is friendly, and really helpful.
So if you wanna create your own settings, to suit you perfectly, then I really recommend hexui by far.

AIMBOT 10/10 - cant ask for any better working aimbot, you can choose if you want it really strong or very weak, and it works really perfect on every platform I've tried.

RCS 8/10 - could be better on pistols, but it really doesnt bother me at all.

TRIGGERBOT 0/10 - never tried triggerbot out, so I can't really judge it.

sound ESP 8/10 - tried it out a couple of times, works great @ matchmaking. But on faceit it's really buggy (I know it's their anticheat) so an eight out of ten.

SUPPORT 13/10 - really great and fast support!

COMMUNITY 10/10 - really an awesome community, some nights are sleepless so I'm just joining the forum and having a really good time. everyone is so friendly and beeing so supportive.

DETECTION (standard module / trial module) 8/10 - as everyone knows there's always a risk beeing caught, somehow I dodged the untrusted bans / vac bans for a long time before beeing caught with the 3-day trial module + standard. For this low amount of money, this is for sure the safest cheat to use. And I know that the admins are working real hard to keep this cheat as safe as possible. They do care about their customers, so they're really really doing their best and putting a lot of effort in Hexui.

FACEIT MODE 10/10 - played there for a couple of months now, didn't get banned or anything so it's really good.

OVERALL 9.5/10 - everything can't be perfect, but hexui is a very good example of beeing "almost perfect".

Kind regards, RQ.
04-Jan-17, 21:01
Thanks for the kind words Smile Happy to see people enjoying the somewhat friendly environment we've created on hexui.

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