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Review by the god himself
04-Jan-17, 20:59
Aimbot/Aim Assist: 8/10

Looks very legit if you configure ur settings properly, You can customize FOV, Smooth, the time it takes for aimbot to kick in after you hit the aimkey, the time it takes for the aimbot to look for a new target after killing someone etc, only thing I don't like is that if you aimlock on someone and they walk behind a wall or someone jiggle peaks while you tap ur aim key your crosshair will follow into the wall a bit wich look un-legit even though ´Aim Trough Walls´ is disabled generally only looks un-legit if ur aim key is on something other than ur fire key though.

SoundESP: 10/10

I´m honestly in love with the sound esp, it gives you info about someone being close by while not giving you too much info so you still have to check every corner compared to a normal esp/wallhack where you might mess up since you know exactly where the enemy is.

Bhop: 7/10

The Bhop feature is simple but effective, you hold ur bhop key and it hits every jump for you, the reason I only gave it 7/10 is because I feel it could use some improvements like Only hit X amount of jumps in a row without me having to fail on purpose.

Triggerbot: 7/10

Does what it's supposed to and can be customized to fit your need, works great with a mouse 2 aimbot on pistols and AWP/Scout.

Price: 10/10

overly cheap for what it offers while having great security

RCS: 10/10

You can set it up to control the horizontal and/or vertical recoil from almost unnoticeable to pro level recoil control.

FaceIT Mode: 5/10

I'm honestly not much of a fan of the FaceIT mode, it disables trigger bot and bhop as those features are detected in FaceIT, The aimbot works differently to make sure its undetected on FaceIT but that also makes it quite a bit weaker for one tapping with pistols and AWP/Scout, Sound esp is buggy on FaceIT but thats just their anti-cheat doing its thing, you have the same problems with any other esp.

Cloud settings: 9/10

Easy to setup, Easy to change settings while in game, Easy to import and share settings with other people, Every feature can be customized for every single gun. The only feature I feel is missing is multiple setting profiles.

Community: 9/11

Mostly a great community, there is almost always someone in shoutbox to help you out with any problems, be it that you want help making settings for the cheat or want to know what to eat tonight sb has it covered. The Staff on here is pretty good, they answer fast and help out in any way they can.

When I asked Div to change a feature (Up the trigger bot pause cap from 400 to 600) he had it implemented by the next update.

Jlolz keeps getting unbanned .

Security: 8/10

Exclusve (can only be bought by others who has the rank) and premium has been undetected since late 2014 iirc while standard customers got hit in october 2016, before that the last detection was early 2015 so the anti detection is definitly pretty good.
04-Jan-17, 21:04
CruZze with that JLOLZ meme
04-Jan-17, 21:07
(04-Jan-17 21:04)Complex Wrote:  CruZze with that JLOLZ meme

Meme? I was 100% serious.
16-Jan-17, 15:39
Nice review man I like how you are honest, not like the people who put 10/10 on everything lel also aimbot through walls u got a good point there even with awp it seems non legit because when u try wallbang someone it locks onto the head through the wall so many times its happend to me and it looks really non legit af Big Grin.
17-Jan-17, 02:00
beste review i r8 8/8 m8
17-Jan-17, 20:12
"God" plz m8 u no god.
30-Jan-17, 20:56

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