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Safe or not
09-Jan-17, 05:09
Hello, so i just have a few quick question.
I dont have quite enough money on my card to get the 30 day membership but as i looked on the forums many people said that they got banned with the 3 days trial so is the 3 days trial is actually not safe or they are just trolls?
And another question is if i do end up getting the cheat is it safe to switch from my alt account to my main after i completely turned off the cheat or i need to clean something on my PC first.

P.S : sorry about my bad english
09-Jan-17, 05:43
The 3 day version should be safe, it was detected a bit ago AFAIK but it's safe.

Also, yes you can just close the cheat and switch accounts easily.
10-Jan-17, 13:44
Do not buy, all of the cheats got detected...
10-Jan-17, 22:22
(10-Jan-17 13:44)Jaakkopoika Wrote:  Do not buy, all of the cheats got detected...

And where u did get this information?
10-Jan-17, 23:18
some users got flagged for a problem in the code, cheat is down and Mena is solving that, just wait the cheat receive update and enjoy the best cheat i ever seen
11-Jan-17, 00:35
too late already. rip fresh acc lol
12-Jan-17, 00:30
(11-Jan-17 00:35)msa Wrote:  too late already. rip fresh acc lol

you got vacced?

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