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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
An Honest Drunk Review // 10 Month Member
14-Jan-17, 01:48
I've been playing 5 years of CSGO and nearly a year ago, I've wanted to cheat, nothing too major though, which is why my attention was brought so clearly to Hexui. I've basically created a forum thread following the bans of 2017 finishing off my cheating experience with Hexui and CSGO in general, but even though there was a massive clear through Hexui, I have only seen two detections in 10 months.
This is just a background of what I've been through using Hexui, I don't want to disrespect anything or say anything, but this is honesty.

This cheat as a whole is full of unbelievable customization to how you want to play, with how large of an FOV you want your aimbot to be, the aimbot smooth, aim bone, multiple bones, if you want triggerbot on, autobhop, triggerbot delay & others, individual gun settins (which is amazing btw, you can basically make every gun have a different aimbot), this cheat basically lets you fine tune everything you want, for your setup, for your own needs. If you want a legit-looking aimbot and would appeal to the wide-availability of customization, and wouldn't mind not having visuals, this is basically a cheat that would meet all your needs.

This thread is basically just a jumble of words but all of this is what I have personally experienced through Hexui standard.
The entire 10 months of using Hexui, I felt like for someone like me who would like to appear more on the legit side of cheating, this cheat would be perfect, and more.
14-Jan-17, 02:12
Thanks for the review man Smile
21-Jan-17, 00:23
how many posts do i need to pm people lol
21-Jan-17, 00:38
(21-Jan-17 00:23)uncorrupt Wrote:  how many posts do i need to pm people lol

Only people who buy the cheat can pm.
30-Jan-17, 20:56

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