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30-Jan-17, 13:46 (This post was last modified: 30-Jan-17 13:47 by ar1.)
Hello guys, im new here, i'm interested to buy cheat, but can i use with anticheat client in Faceit, becuase i play only FACEIT, and now i can't play normal i need anticheat-client, if no, are you working to fix it, ThankYou
30-Jan-17, 14:01
No we do not support the faceit client sorry.
30-Jan-17, 14:03
the cheat at present works flawlessly with faceit non premium i.e without the anti cheat client. although the cheat is not detected by faceit anticheat cleint but it also doest not work in it.
30-Jan-17, 20:22
30-Jan-17, 20:37
thank you guys, but i can;t play nonpremium without anticheat i dont know why so xD i need new account to play without ac- xD
30-Jan-17, 22:56
Some admin can answer, can i pay with skins cheats ?
30-Jan-17, 22:56
(30-Jan-17 22:56)ar1 Wrote:  Some admin can answer, can i pay with skins cheats ?

Yes but only popular skins with a stable price and you need to overpay.

Post in payment issues if you want to buy that way

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