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a 2nd Honest review
03-Feb-17, 04:02 (This post was last modified: 03-Feb-17 06:22 by dismay.)


Customization is one of the best I have ever seen. The smooth is very customizable and got random shit like Deadbreak which will put delays from a spray to several people. If used correctly, but even then, you can just use other people's settings. Not naming providers but it will take me a full day to setup a complex aimbot. Hexui? In a matter of seconds. After a while, you will most likely setup your own for the playstyle you use. But sometimes the smooth will play up, be sticky when I don't have sticky on, etc. Good Aimbot overall.


I have no idea. I haven't used it for a full year. But, it is very customizable like the aimbot. Shooting delays etc. You can semi-rage with the triggerbot if you wanted to. (Don't expect to win a HvH) But people say it is very good with pistols while playing legit.


Some cheat providers don't even have customizable RCS. Hexui fortunately do. I personally don't use the RCS anymore but when I did, it would 90% of the time work. It would sometimes crash for me

Sound ESP

A very unique ESP that I have seen for a while. No, it isn't walls. You can listen in this video since it is very hard to explain what it is.

If you already have good game sense, you most likely don't need this.


The price is excellent in my opinion. Cheats like Bithax you will pay $15 more for the same thing. (Not hating on bithax as its my second best when hexui goes down)


Valve has been raping us, and some community internal problems which has been fixed. But, Menalix, our sublime admin has been working nearly every day in the last 2 months or so updating the security nearly every thrid day. We haven't been hit since these new updates. But, it doesn't stop the fact I lost $200 worth of skins. It was my fault, don't get me wrong. Even if you're planning to buy Premium in the future, do not play with expensive skins.


Well, it does what it should. I personally can't play Faceit in Australia/NZ since there are too many closeted cheaters. (Yeah shut up cunt)


Other than "I don't know how to setup cheat, this cheat scam" post in the shoutbox. The community is quite friendly and most of the time helpful. Remember to read the PMs before writing in the Shout box for help. As it always happens and all they have to do is read PM. The admins are also fair
03-Feb-17, 04:04
Thanks, i expected more praise towards me after boosting you but OKAY Wink haha
03-Feb-17, 04:08
(03-Feb-17 04:04)Division Wrote:  Thanks, i expected more praise towards me after boosting you but OKAY Wink haha

sorry mr 18 ping. Mr 300 ping all could do is soundesp their ass to boost u to LEM. u got it the other way around koon Angel

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